Czech Women’s Congress about Women and Media in 2015

kongres Following the great success of the first Czech Women’s Congress, we have started  preparations of its follow-up. The second Czech Women’s Congress will take place again in  the National House of Vinohrady on June 20, 2015.

In this Congress, “Women and Media” will be the main theme. We believe women are often being portrayed in the media with use of sexism and prejudice, and that this has a significant impact on women’s status in society as a whole, and not just the Czech Republic. We will focus on the cause and effect of media portrayal of women, and its connection to theunderrepresentation of women in the highest decision-making positions in media worldwide.

Congress will bring together up to 1000 women, as well as men, from diverse range of nationalities, professions, ages and political backgrounds. All-day program of the Congress will offer various debates and seminars devoted to the main theme: sexism in media; women and social media; women in decision making in media. Creative workshops will focus on soft-skills development: coaching; mentoring; rhetoric; presentation skills or presentation in media. Fair of NGOs, organizations, institutions and companies dealing with the issue of equality between women and men.

Cultural program including activities for kids and market of women’s entrepreneurs will be held on Náměstí Míru. As a part of the supporting program, a successful movie “Miss Representation” will be screened at the American Center Prague. More events organized in various towns across the country will complete the program of the Women’s Congress.

Most important outcomes of the Women’s Congress, formulated into resolutions, will be handed over to the political representation of the Czech Republic.

Whereas the 1st Women’s Congress activities took place in Prague during the first year, 2nd Women’s Congress will intend to cover target groups outside the Capital. Preparatory meeting will take place on October 29, 2014 in Impact HUB Prague and on November 11, 2014 in Otevřená zahrada in Brno. While using the World Café method, the preparatory meeting will aim at collecting ideas, impulses and information as an important source of inspiration for the Women’s Congress 2015.

Key topics concerning role of women in the Czech media will be discussed with media representatives during round tables organized during January and February 2015.

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