1st Thematic Seminar - Seville

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Thematic Seminar on Citizens Participation and Work-Life Balance: 21.02.2006 Spain

Within the framework of “Balancing Life in Europe” TCA, a thematic seminar was held in Seville (Spain) last 21st February 2006. This seminar dealt with the topic of Citizens participation in relation to work-life balance, focusing on the ability of citizens participation to act as an instrument to improve the balance between people’s working and personal spheres.

This one day seminar consisted of a number of  performances and round tables around the topic of citizens participation and the incidence of this mechanism in other related aspects. The different performances reflected different approaches to the topic, from the approach of a municipality to the approach of the trade unions and business world. The total number of participants to this seminar was 70 people, among which seven were men and 63 were women.

The program of the seminar was as follows:



9.30 h. - 10.00 h.


10.00 h. – 10.15 h.

Inauguration by Mr. Antonio Nieto Rivera, General Secretary of the FAMP, and Mrs. Antonia Sánchez Romera, Equal Opportunities Policies Deputy in the County Council of Seville.

10.15 h. – 11.00 h.

Lecture: “Active Democracy and Citizens Participation”. Mr. Joaquín Jesús Galán Pérez, president of the Social and Economic Council in Andalucía.

11.00 h. – 11.30 h.


11.30 h. – 12.30 h.

Experiences board:

Experience 1: “Citizens participation and work-life balance in planning processes”. Mr. Marcos Quijada, Major of the municipality of Osuna.

Experience 2: Participative budgets and work-life balance. Mrs. Paula Galvín. Citizens Participation Deputy Major. City Council of Seville.

Experiencia 3:Citizens participation for living together. Mrs. Montserrat Rosa. General Director of the Commissioner for the Polígono Sur de Sevilla.

12.30 h. – 13.15 h .

Round table: Citizens participation and institutional participation. Representatives from the two main trade unions and the andalusian business confederation.

13.15 h. – 13.45 h.


14.00 h. – 16.00 h


16.30 h. – 17.00 h.

Presentation of the program ACCIÓN.CON, a model of intersectorial participation for the reduction of unequalities in areas needing social transformation.

17.00 h. – 18.00 h.

Citizens participation in other countries: Transnational partners of “Balancing Life in Europe”

18.00 h.


Documents for 1st Thematic Seminar - Seville
Gender Equality in Sweden (PDF)