Thematic Seminars

This activity is understood as a number of monothematic seminars in which all the members of the national DPs take part in an active way. The themes of these seminars must include common interests topics, previously agreed by the three partners. It is advisable that these seminars keep related to the study areas fixed for the \"Studies\" activity, in the sense that they can be used as a platform for the debate about theses issues. The contents of these seminars fulfill the expectations of the partners that make up the transnational partnership. Finally, these seminars shall be open to the general public. The profile of the participants will be decided by the organizing DP. The responsibility for the coordination of this activity is assumed by the Czech DP.

3rd Thematic Seminar - Havlickuv Brod

Within the framework of the TCA project Balancing Life in Europe, the 3rd thematic seminar was held in Havlickuv Brod (Czech Republic - Vysočina region) on March 26, 2007 under the name of Balancing Professional and Family Life.

Documents for 3rd Thematic Seminar - Havlickuv Brod
1 Sweden: Presentation
3 Spain: Presentation
4 Prezentace: Mgr. Chržová, Český helsinský výbor
Prezentace: Mgr. Jaklová, Aperio, o.s
Úvodni prezentace
2 Sweden: Presentation 2
Prezentace: J. Blažková, ROSS Holding, a.s.
Prezentace: Bc. Jásek, Sodexho Pass ČR, a.s
Signální informace - DEMA a.s.
Prezentace: Dr. Jozifková, DEMA a.s.

2nd Thematic Seminar - Karlstad

Within the framework of “Balancing Life in Europe” TCA, a thematic seminar was held in Karlstad, Varmland, Sweden the 23 of May 2006. This seminar dealt with the topic Empowerment, parenthood, social insurance and social services, in a gender and ethnical perspective.

Documents for 2nd Thematic Seminar - Karlstad
Report and Programme
Empowerment - an ambiguous concept (PPS)
Empowerment - an ambiguous concept (PDF)
Family Guidance (PDF)
Parental education, “new” Swedish citizens and integration" (PDF)
The Swedish welfare system in a European perspective (PDF)

1st Thematic Seminar - Seville

Within the framework of “Balancing Life in Europe” TCA, a thematic seminar was held in Seville (Spain) last 21st February 2006.

Documents for 1st Thematic Seminar - Seville
Gender Equality in Sweden (PDF)