Varmlands, Sweden (25 – 26 September 2007)

Information in this article were valid till 31.08.2008.

3rd Study Trip is right now under preparation. 8 persons from Czech Republic and 7 persons from Spain will take part. The final programme of the Study Trip is as follows.


Places to visit: City of Karlstad and Kristinehamn.



Study visit Tuesday 25/9 and Wednesday 26/9,

Transnational exchanging seminar Thursday 27/9


Attending people: DP partners and transnational partners from Spain and Czech Republic.


Working programme


Tuesday 25 - Cooperative models


9.30 h.

Starting from Hotel IBIS, Karlstad


9.45 h.

Solakoop, a social work cooperative for people with psychological/social barriers, started 2005, with Bed & Breakfast and summer café at the river Klarälven in Karlstad. Introduction and dialogue with the staff, Veronica Höijer and Bosse Pettersson and the workers. Coffee will be served.


11.45 h           

Lunch at the Värmland County Museum, Karlstad


13.00 h           

Introduction to the museum


14.00 h           

Linnea, a staff cooperative started 1994 for childcare in Ulvsby, 15 km outside KarlstadIntroduction and dialogue with Mrs Kristina Palm and Annelie Karlsson, the owners/the members.


16.00 h           

Return to the hotel


18.00 h           

Evening surprise with traditional activities and food from Värmland.



Parallel program Tuesday 25, Spain partners


16.00 h           

Trade unions and the equal opportunities. Visiting the LO/Kommunal trade union for information and discussions together with Mrs Kerstin Jonsson and Mr XX.


16.00 h           

Parental education, immigrants and integration work. Visiting the Family centre Västerstrand, Karlstad. Information and discussion with Midwife Kristina Gombrii, Mr Tobias Borr and Mr Björn Johannesson N2B3.



Wednesday 26 - Public sector

Parenthood, social services and employment services


9.20 h. Starting from Hotel IBIS, Karlstad



Family Centre Källan in Kristinehamn. A centre for parents to be, and for parents with children in preschool age. Källan is a social pedagogical project, run by the County Council of Värmland and the Municipality of Kristinehamn. At the same place, you find the maternity and the postnatal clinics, open kindergarten, psychologist and sociologist.

Introduction and dialogue with the Mrs Maggie Stahl, project leader. Coffee will be served.


12.00 h           

Lunch at a restaurant in Kristinehamn.


13.30 h           

The employment office “AF” in Kristinehamn.

Introduction of and dialogue about the “Bryt-project”, a gender project among the staff at the Employment office in Kristinehamn. Mrs Lena Näslund, Kristinehamn and Mrs Helena Strandberg, Karlstad.


15.30 h           

Return to Karlstad and the hotel



Transnational Steering Committee meeting for the DP partners.




Thursday 27 - Dialogue seminar Transnational evaluation, with the DP partners


9.00 h 

Introduction, Böret Segolsson, Värmlands Arbetslivsforum


9.10 h 

Transnational studys, Maria Jansdotter, Värmlands arbetslivsforum


10.10 h           

Coffee break


10.30 h           

Transnational evaluation of the transnational co-operation. Kicki Stridh, Internationell kompetens AB


12.00 h           





Family Centre Källan in Kristinehamn


The employment office “AF” in Kristinehamn


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