Study Trips

Three study trips will be carried out, one per country. Each partner organises a study trip in their country in which the rest of partners takes part. The topics of the visits should fulfill the partners\' expectations, interests and objectives and will be agreed on by the three DPs. These trips will be developed at a regional level and they will have a duration of two complete days approximately (although the duration can be slightly modified if needed). Finally, one study trip can include more than one working programme, with different topics, institutions involved and beneficiaries. The responsibility for the coordination of this activity is assumed by the Swedish DP, though each partner will be responsible for the visit organised in their respective country.

Havlickuv Brod, Czech Republic (October 23 - 24, 2006)

The first Study Trip was held on October 23 - 24 in the Czech Republic. The main purpose of this event was to visit selected social services and social care institutions in Havlíčkův Brod, to provide the Swedish and Spanish partners with on-site introduction into the social care system in the Czech Republic and Vysocina Region. The full report will follow - for the time being we are presenting here the event programme, selected photographs (more to come) and some immediate reactions from our partners.

Malaga - Spain, May 14 - 15 2007

The 2nd Study Trip focused on selected work-life balance support services in the province of Malaga, as well as on selected gender related issues tackled in the province at present time.

Varmlands, Sweden (25 – 26 September 2007)

3rd Study Trip is right now under preparation. 8 persons from Czech Republic and 7 persons from Spain will take part. The final programme of the Study Trip is as follows.

VAF 9/2007

Balancing Life: Värmlands arbetslivsforums information / September 2007. The new issue of VAF is out, bringing latest news from the Swedish project in English.