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Seminars on transnational learning - a report
Transnational Evaluation Report (pdf)
Dialogue Seminar – transnational evaluation (27 September 2007, Karlstad, Sweden)


This activity is understood as a process of control and monitoring of the project and its activities. The evaluation will be carried out by experts hired to this end, who will be supported – in terms of contribution of data as well as assessment – by the evaluation agents of the respective national projects. The Swedish DP assumes the coordination of this activity and undertakes to inform the rest of partners about the working programme and methodology of evaluation.

Seminars on transnational learning and transferability

At an early planning session (Prague 2005) the Steering Committe of the Equal TCA Balancing Life in Europe initiated that the project modelisation process should be reflected upon with support from an external evaluator. The discussion from the meeting in Prague ended in a decision to meet in the three DPs for a dialogue on the transferability of the models...