Information in this article were valid till 31.08.2008.

The activities of the DP will mainly be implemented within the frames of five projects. Additionally, both an exchange of experience and internal teaching within the DP itself are planned by means of training activities and rotation.

Project 1: The DP Värmlands arbetslivsforum serves to institutionalize a formal forum for labour market issues that create, apply and disseminate knowledge about tools/strategies for enterprises/organisations, by which they may improve the opportunities of their employees to combine gainful employment and family life. The process of setting up models, certification or equivalent quality ensurement and training modules are developed in the project.

Project 2: Practically applicable models/tools for enhanced consciousness and competence are meant to test whether empowerment - "experience based understanding" - is successful in increasing the insights on obstructing structures. By dint of this enhanced perspective the structures may be reformed and come to support the opportunities to combine gainful employment and family life, i.e. to reach a balance in life, with the purpose to strengthen the health of the employees.

Project 3: Competence based counselling aims at an increased understanding for how perspectives on work and family life are depending on different life patterns. This understanding in turn contributes to develop concrete guidance methods so that the customers may be met at an equal and constructive level. One or several counselling manuals will be developed within the project.

Project 4: he family/family support. Public union representatives are educated in order to serve as better support in the discourse on the balance between the private and the professional sphere. Furthermore the parental education will be developed so that "new" Swedish citizens, with other ethnical belonging than what is traditionally "Swedish", are reached by the parental support. The last mentioned activity employs the parental education as an arena for integration work.

Project 5: From an unwished for part-time to satisfactory work time. The project's aim is that everyone who wishes shall be able to enjoy full occupation. Employees within the Swedish National Labour Market Administration (AMV) in the county of Värmland will be educated in modes of work that counteract gender-stereotyped behaviour and, consequently, actively strive to work against the gender segregated labour market.