Working life forum of Värmland

Information in this article were valid till 31.08.2008.

The Development Partnership (DP) Värmlands Arbetslivsforum ("Working life forum of Värmland") aims to improve the opportunities to combine gainful employment and family life. A number of studies and projects in Värmland have identified the difficulties to reach a work-life balance as a limit upon the individual's health and development, as well as a major obstacle for labour market growth.

Similar experiences have been made by a number of professional groups whom are active within the DP's organisations. This is the context from which the DP Värmlands Arbetslivsforum departs. The DP consists of a number of actors within the region of Värmland, and together they are now mustering strength in order to improve the opportunities for employees and job-seekers to reach a work-life balance.