Information in this article were valid till 31.08.2008.

The project “Concilia-lo: experiencias de conciliación en lo local” contemplates the issue of work-life balance from a global perspective, that is, considering it not ‘a problem of working women lacking time to care of their homes and families’ but a problem of a social nature, which must be dealt with in an integrated way taking into account its multidimensional character.

The project proposes a comprehensive approach of the issue with actions implemented in the whole of andalusian territory. The configuration of the Development Partnership allows to work directly with the Local Administration structures, as well as develop studies and research works at a regional level and tackle great actions linked to those agents who have a protagonist role in employment matters. The involvement of all these organisations tries to guarantee the benefit of the general population.Two types of actions will be developed, according to the implementation strategy adopted: on the one hand, there will be cross actions, which act as a structural support for the rest, and which will be present throughout the project; and on the other hand, there will be isolated actions, which will be in the form of concrete activities linked to determinate sectors, groups of people and territories.

At the national level, the actions are grouped into three main lines: Activities designed to raise the awareness of the need for a social and individual joint responsibility in the matter of conciliation, in order to reduce gender unbalances and encourage equality of opportunities between men and women: dissemination and social marketing campaigns, public seminars and conferences, creation of a web site and recopilation and sistematization of experiences and good practices.

Specific training on the matter equal opportunities: on one hand, training actions addressed to those institutions working in relation to the labour market as well as andalusian local corporations, which provide services to the citizens; on the other hand, training actions aimed at women at risk of exclusion from the labour market due to work-life balance problems, as well as inmigrant and rural women. Boost to experimental projects to be developed in the territories, innovating models and services in a practical way to reduce gender discriminations: research works related to work-life balance and use of time, all round experiences about changes in the use of time, new technologies applied to work-life balance, citizen participation, resources, spaces and time reorganisation, and elimination of gender stereotypes.

Documents for Concilia-Lo
Constitutional Act 3/2007 of 22 March for effective equality between women and men