Process of Implementing the MOPPS DP Project

Information in this article were valid till 31.08.2008.

The project implementation is split into 4 thematic groups.

Implementation of activities in the first group — Ideas and Values — will focus on studies which include the public, families, employers, service providers, institutions, government representatives, authorities, the media, and educational, cultural, and public institutions and organizations.

The objective is to determine the following:

  • The actual needs of the target groups and their attitudes towards separated roles in the family;
  • How they influence family relationships;
  • The impact of regional changes and new requirements on families, including financial security;
  • The extent of the individual’s capabilities and willingness to adapt for the benefit of the family as well as his/her own self-realization ;
  • The existence of supporting services, their accessibility, and response to the needs;
  • The quality and accessibility of information, etc.

The second group – Services - aims at developing new models for the care of children and other dependent persons on the basis of foreign experiences and their verification with selected employers, service founders and/or service providers. The goals are the following:

  • New models for family services;
  • An informational resource for services;
  • Proposals for necessary organizational changes;
  • Proposals for such services that will help the main target groups reach the goal of equal opportunity in employment.

The main function of the third group – Work - is the following:

  • Create models of flexible work organization for small and medium businesses (flexible and shorter work hours, work from home, etc.);
  • Develop an Internet resource on teleworking / e-working and related matters for the use of both the employers and the employees;
  • Define legal problems, and set up complex information and mediation services;
  • Develop and launch a “Family-friendly Businesses” Award.

The fourth group – Knowledge - focuses on developing and implementing activities of the Information and Advisory Center in Havlíčkův Brod.

Download PPS presentation of the Information and Advisory Center in Havlíčkův Brod  here (8 MP, zip file).